Swiss Chard

Chard is a leafy green vegetable similar in taste to spinach and beet greens. Different varieties have stalks that range in color from bright pink, yellow, orange and even white. Both the leaves and the ribs can be eaten (the ribs have a celery-like texture). I particularly love chard when it’s sliced into thin ribbons and tossed in a light vinaigrette for a simple salad. The ribs taste great when they are “quick pickled” see my recipe for quick pickled chard stems here. Unlike spinach, chard can stand up to hot temperatures so it’s widely available in the summer months when spinach is hard to come by. And while chard is available year round, it’s peak season is summer to early fall.


Spring, Fall, Summer

Cooking Options

raw, steamed, sauteed, roasted

Storage Best Practice


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