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Meet Stoney!

December 11, 2018

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A month ago Taylor and I went out for a gallon of milk and came home with a deposit on a puppy. Sounds impulsive I know, but here’s the background story on how Sir Stoney ended up in our lives, because it was not part of the plan.

During the Local Thirty we joined a “herd share” and every week we’d drive out to the dairy farm to pick up our gallon of milk. Taylor and I were always happily greeted by farmer Jesse’s Great Pyrenees dog and when we told him how much we loved her he said “well she just had a litter of puppies a few weeks ago, you want to go see them?” I immediately shook my head yes, Taylor shook his head no, and the rest is history.

Henry is less than thrilled with Stoney but every day he’s warming up to him. I even caught the two of them on the same bed the other morning which is a big deal. Henry’s been a trooper and we’ve always thought of ourselves and a “one dog at a time” family but Stoney kind of fell into our laps at a time of the year that makes sense for us at the farm. We’re two weeks into this next phase of life and it’s been fun, challenging and full of love.

So there you have it. The Tumbleweed Farm family is growing and we’re pretty darn excited about it. And in case you’re wondering, we still drive out weekly for our gallon of milk, but now instead of one dog in the car with us there’s now two.

Thanks to everyone who has already left such sweet messages on Instagram about Stoney. He’s well loved already. xo


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19 thoughts on “Meet Stoney!

  1. Ginger says:

    What a sweetheart. I know he will gets lots of love. Be sure and do your research ( which I’m sure you have) on the breed as they are prone to wander and etc. My friend has 7 Great Pyrs in which she writes about the dogs and farm life in her blog. If you want to check it out it’s at or find her on Instagram @ healingbrookfarm. My friend is a wealth of information about the breed. Enjoy your new pup and Merry Christmas!

    1. Andrea says:

      Thanks for passing on the link to your friends blog. We’ve heard about the wandering (and we’re hoping since the majority of the farm is fenced in (12ft high deer fence) that he won’t wander too far. You never know though so we’re just going to do our best to keep an eye on him. I’ll definitely reach out to your friend though! Thank you so much for the info! Merry Christmas!

  2. Cathy says:

    Such sweetness and at this time of year even more dear! Congratulations on the new family member.

  3. sandie white says:

    oh so gorgeous

  4. Pam Lewis says:

    Such a cutie!

  5. phyllis says:

    Your family is gorgeous!!! Merry Christmas to the four of you. My husband and I love, love your blogs – especially when you share your lives with us. Thank you.

  6. Susan says:

    I am not a dog person at all, but I have to admit that Sir Stoney is one really cute puppy. Hope you have many years of enjoyment of life with him.

    1. Andrea says:

      Thank you! Merry Christmas!

  7. Cheryl Montaigne says:

    I have been a pet groomer since the 60’s and I have some un-asked for advice to give you. Teach this pup every day that a comb and brush is a fun thing for this will help bond you together. Also press the side of a running clipper all over the pups body for this will also teach it not to have a fear of clippers if there is ever a time one is need. Nails should be cut every month. Always check the ears and keep them clean. Great Pyrenees grow to be Gentle Giants. You will enjoy the journeyer with this pup. Merry Christmas

    1. Andrea says:

      He already loves being brushed and doesn’t bat an eye at having his nails clipped. We’ll keep it up! Thanks for the advice!

  8. Colleen Westbrook says:

    I would have done the same thing 🙂 My neighbors have two huge Pyreneese that are so puppylike, don’t they know how big they are? haha.
    What a beautiful family – you are in for a lot of fun!! (We presently have 3 dogs and a cat and have always had a Labrador. As usual, the Lab is my favorite, but shhh the others don’t know that!)

  9. keely says:

    Sir Stoney looks like a fit. Congrats! Always something to watch an ole dog meet and great the new pooch.

  10. Victoria says:

    With that beyond adorable face, how could you not have adopted him? He is beyond cute!!! And an extra doggie treat for Henry for being so gracious!

  11. Nancy Stanton says:

    Stoney is absolutely the cutest! Henry will embrace him. I love receiving your emails …….have your cookbook and am eating the npbean and parsnip stew tonight! Thank you so much. If you are ever in Arizona I’m up in the mountains, Prescott, you have a place to stay❤️

  12. Michaela says:

    Omg, this is such a cutie! 🙂 Happy for you! My parents got a puppy of Labrador/Retriever last year and it was very similar, soooo cute that you fall in love directly! 🙂

  13. Lauren says:

    Congratulations you guys! It has been so fun following the adventures of Stoney (and Henry’s gradual acceptance of him) on Insta. We adopted two redbone coonhound mixes around the same time you posted about adopting Stoney and they are about the same age. Puppies bring so much joy and love to a home! Have fun and keep giving lots of kisses to Henry for me!

  14. Laura Wingfield says:

    We had three Chow Chows, our oldest was failing, so we called our breeder and they had a puppy ready to go, we went to see her and she came home with us. She’s now 7 months old and still a delight and the big dogs all accept her and the last to do so has become her best bud. I keep trying to get to two by my husband resists and I can resist a puppy. We are now happy with 4 dogs again.

  15. Cari Minor says:

    Loved reading this, at first I thought something had happened to Henry as I’ve been remiss in reading the Farm Posts. Love the new addition to your family (Henry will always be my fave tho). Just got a “real” copy of your book as I had checked it out from the Boulder Public Library before…now I have my very own copy to earmark pages and spill good ingredients on! So inspired by you two. Happy New Year.

  16. HollyG says:

    I had to laugh when I saw the pups at the gate. We have a little backyard farm (only 1.3 acres) in Beavercreek, OR with two faces that look very familiar to your photo. Kenton is the oldest (only dog) – a Yellow lab mix and Maizey is the newer edition – a Maremma mix that looks like a smaller version of your GP.

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