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I Am Thankful

November 26, 2020

We may not have a house full of friends, family and neighbors all squeezed into my mom’s kitchen talking in close contact, hugging, sharing sips from each others wine or cocktail glasses or snuggling up on the couch post dinner in sweats and taking turns rubbing one another’s backs. I will miss that today. But this new “normal” isn’t permanent. This too shall pass. And once we’re able to do all of those intimate things again we will never take them for granted.

Today, I am grateful for my family’s health. For our safety. My father-in-law is here with us. He’s in charge of turkey (I’ve never made a turkey before and I am grateful for his expertise!) It’s never been so quiet in the house on this holiday but that’s just fine. We can pivot and make the best. And I’m hopeful for the year ahead. I will still find my way into sweatpants this afternoon. Taylor and I will rub each other’s achy backs. And  we will of course spoil our daughter in kisses, snuggles and so much love. Stoney will accompany me on a post turkey walk and we will go say hi to Henry’s memorial bench. It’s going to be a peaceful, reflective and uneventful day (hopefully!).

I hope that wherever this post finds you all, that you are safe, you have a bit of food on your table, and even if you are dining alone, that you are able to connect with loved ones via phone, skype, zoom or text. We may all be physically far apart from the people we love but we aren’t alone. Sending so much love from my family to yours.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Be well. Be safe. Be kind. xoxoxo


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6 thoughts on “I Am Thankful

  1. Ann says:

    Right back at you! Love your Recipes ever since my niece Jenny Brown Sime gifted me your cookbook a few years back.
    Ann Meub in Lake Oswego, Oregon

  2. Jewel P McKenzie says:

    Thankful today, having met wonderful people like you and Taylor since moving to Hood River. This community makes me proud to be a part of it. I look forward to seeing you guys on Saturdays and eventually meeting Pepper first hand…..she is beautiful!

  3. Phyll says:

    Despite Covid, I am sure this was the best Thanksgiving for the both of you: a beautiful and healthy daughter to share your life with. God Bless you all. Stay safe.

  4. Jane LeMon says:

    Thanks Andrea for your wisdom about life in general. I thought I would never serve green beans again, but I read your recipe and followed it adding garlic and lots of lemon zest. It was awesome. I hope to see you guys next summer when the world revolves to normal.

  5. Jean says:

    Andrea and Taylor,
    It’s so wonderful to see your blessed family! I’m thankful, among many things, for your return to this format!! ❤️ To you all!!

  6. Diane says:

    I love getting your posts and really enjoy your cookery book, so many thanks. And although I’m half way round the world in Wales, I do so agree that we should all be thankful for just getting here and enjoying what we have. Even our cold, wet, foggy November.

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