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A Very Tired Farmer

July 22, 2010

Working in the farm stand is not as easy as I make it out to be.  I am always a little excited to get a break from the fields, but working the farm stand is a totally different exhaustion.  It is definitely not as physically demanding, but it sure is mentally exhausting.  After working the fields for most of the week, it is hard to switch into customer service mode.    My back and hamstrings are thankful for the switch-off, but my brain is not always quite there. After a morning that began at 4:30 a.m. I am not sure that customer service was my strong point today. I am beat.  I did, however, get a nice 30 minute lunch break this afternoon where I broke into some leftover pasta from the other night.  This would be the String Bean, Basil, and Tomato Penne from 3 nights ago.  Still Tasty!

Also, a Nantucket Nectar’s juice.  I am not normally a juice girl, but this stuff is the real deal and is quite the thirst quencher.  We also sell it at the farm so I get a pretty nice discount! It’s local as well.

This evening I was pooped so dinner was easy.  Left over farm fresh chili from two nights ago.  I had a small burst of energy right before leaving the farm and harvested a few extra items to throw into the leftovers.

This would be cilantro, radishes, and a jalapeno pepper.  HOT and delicious!

Of course, a corona and corn bread to complete an amazing meal!

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3 thoughts on “A Very Tired Farmer

  1. Carrie Link says:

    I must admit, you are making me crave vegetables.

    1. drealieberg says:

      Carrie I will have to bring some of my zucchini muffins with me when I come home in August. They are to die for! Maybe you and Wil can come over for a snack at the end of August when I am home. veggies will be on the menu!

  2. liz says:

    Pooped or not you are eating some pretty good meals. Let your customers know you are blogging about your experience at the farm. They might be interesting in joining the conversation as long as you are careful what you might say about them!

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