My name is Andrea and I am so happy you stopped by Dishing Up The Dirt!  I started this blog a little over 3 years ago to document life on the farm my husband and I were working on back east.  After long days of getting our hands dirty we would usually come home and cook a meal using all of the great produce we were growing.  Life was simple.  We were happy. And I enjoyed documenting it all.

However, after 3 seasons of farm work in Massachusetts we began feeling a strong pull to be back out West (where I am originally from). We packed our bags, our dog, and all of my kitchen gadgets and drove from Massachusetts to Oregon.  We are settling into life as Oregonians and are embarking on a new farming adventure out here.  We feel totally crazy for doing this but our fingers and toes are crossed that things will all work out!

Thanks to family, friends, and a lot of strangers this blog has grown in ways I could never have imagined. It has inspired me to continue cooking and writing. So thank you!

Here is a small interview we had with our local newspaper about our first year farming on our own. Enjoy!