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tuesday happy hour

Spicy jalapeño margaritas on a Tuesday? Why the heck not!


Taylor just celebrated a birthday this past weekend.  We took the day off from the farm to go for a hike, out to lunch and home early to enjoy a few cocktails on the porch. We have jalapeño peppers coming out of our ears at the farm right now and this cocktail was the perfect excuse to kick back and enjoy a few hours off the clock and away from farm chores.


I got the idea for these cocktails from the blog love and lemons. I am a huge fan of margaritas any time of the year, but these spicy jalapeño margaritas really hit the spot on a particularly chilly evening here. Nothing like spicy jalapeños and a little tequila to warm a girl up.


We are heading to a farmers market this afternoon but when we come home we are whipping up another batch of these margaritas! They tend to be pretty spicy so read the directions carefully. Grab some jalapeños at your local farmers market and drink up. Cheers.

Spicy Jalapeño Margaritas

Prep Time: 10 mins.    Cook Time: 1 hour    Serves: Fills one pitcher

  • 3 cups plain tequila
  • 1 cup Grand Marnier
  • 1.5 cups fresh lime juice
  • 1-2 TBS agave nectar (more or less depending on how sweet you like it)
  • Ice
  • Lime, jalapeño peppers, and cilantro for garnish
For The Jalapeño Infused Tequila:
  • 1 cup tequila
  • 1 jalapeño pepper, sliced into thin rounds


  1. Prepare the jalapeño tequila by combing 1 cup of tequila with the jalapeño pepper. Let it sit at room temperature for 1-2 hours.
  2. Remove the jalapeños and pour the tequila into a small serving glass.
  3. Mix all the ingredients for the margaritas together. Add a small  amount of the spicy tequila to taste into each glass. If you like it really spicy add more of the infused tequila. Garnish with lime and cilantro.


Use this recipe as a guide. Adjust measurements and ingredients as necessary.

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13 thoughts on “tuesday happy hour

  1. Julia says:

    Happy birthday to Taylor! Sounds like you two had a marvelous day celebrating together. Jalapenos out the ears definitely calls for a spicy cocktail! Ready to enjoy one of these right now!

    1. Andrea says:

      If you are a jalapeño fan this is the cocktail for you! Enjoy!

  2. Happy belated birthday to Taylor! I would be thrilled if someone put one of these drinks in front of me on my birthday!

    1. Andrea says:

      I should overnight one of these to you on your bday!

  3. Beth says:

    Happy Birthday to your good husband. And speaking of couples, let’s have some news about Henry & his girlfriend!

    1. Andrea says:

      haha! Henry’s girlfriend is our farmer neighbors dog Daisy. She comes over every morning to say hi and her and Henry usually run off into the hay field across the street together. It really is true love! They also enjoy sitting on our lettuce plantings! We don’t have the heart to get mad 🙂 They are a great pair!

  4. Sounds like you two had a great day together! What a perfect way to finish it off, yum!
    I love jalapenos, can you send some my way?

    1. Andrea says:

      Sarah I will overnight you some margaritas stat!

  5. Happy birthday to Taylor! These margs look like the perfect way to celebrate. I also adore margaritas – too bad you can’t find a strong one in Utah! Guess I’ll have to make these 🙂

    1. Andrea says:

      Utah is tough when it comes to delicious and strong cocktails! Find a good liquor store and whip up a batch girl!

  6. I love your cocktail recipes, Andrea. we are totally on the same wavelength when it comes to enjoying alcohol 🙂 can’t wait to try this one!

  7. Jessica says:

    Do you de-seed the jalapeño before infusing? Thank you! Looks delicious!!

    1. Andrea says:

      remove the seeds for a mile version. Keep them in for a hot version! Also, taste test your jalapeño since heat varies from pepper to pepper. Cheers!

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