Winter Squash

Ahh, winter squash….My least favorite vegetable to harvest (heavy heavy heavy!) On the outside, the array of winter squash is diverse with varying colors, shapes and textures. However, while there are multiple types of winter squash, the inside flesh doesn’t vary nearly as much as outward appearances would suggest. All winter squash share a similar flesh that comes in a hue of yellow, orange or gold. They come in varying degrees of density and sweetness but for the most part are interchangeable in recipes. So if a recipe calls for a butternut but all you have is an acorn squash don’t sweat it! Sure the flavors will be slightly different (butternut is slightly sweeter) but that’s where tasting your recipes as you go comes in! Also, the skins of most winter squash are edible (the more thinned skin varieties) so if peeling isn’t your thing don’t sweat it. Curl up with a bowl of pumpkin bisque, enjoy a glass of wine and cruise all the winter squash recipes below!


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Cooking Options

Steamed, Roasted, Sautéd, Fried

Storage Best Practice

Cool, dry, well ventilated place for up to 4 months.

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