I like to think of parsnips as carrots “sweeter” cousin. And while they look a little more rustic and less attractive than their orange relative they make up for it in flavor and texture. Parsnips have an amazingly sweet taste with a hint of earthiness. They are lovely roasted until caramelized or pureed into a mash. Unlike carrots, parsnips take up some valuable real-estate at the farm and are in the ground for most of the year. We plant them in early spring and don’t harvest them until late fall (they taste best after a hard frost when their natural sugars are released.)  Because of this, parsnips tend to be a little pricer than carrots but are worth every penny. I hope the recipes below inspire you to pick some up the next time you’re cruising around your local farmers market.


Fall, Winter

Cooking Options

Raw, Roasted, Pureed, Mashed, Steamed, Boiled

Storage Best Practice

If possible keep them dirty and store them in plastic bags in the fridge or root cellar for up to 4 months. If they come pre-washed they wont keep quite as long but should still last a few months in the fridge in plastic bags.

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