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Kale Caesar Salad with Garlicky Chickpea Croutons

January 31, 2014


I’m still overly excited about the amount of kale seed we ordered this year. To be honest, if I could only eat one green for the rest of my life kale would be it! True love for sure!


I’m super excited to share this recipe with you all! This farm season I am going to challenge myself to share as many creative kale recipes as possible to keep our CSA members, my blog readers (fist pumps to you all!!!) and our farmers market customers really excited and inspired to eat and cook this delicious superfood. Kale may be a “trendy” vegetable at the moment, but I am going to stand up and say THIS VEGETABLE ISN’T GOING ANYWHERE!  Small farmers all over are going to continue to grow this productive crop so we need to continue to find tasty and creative ways to enjoy this superfood. Thank god for kale caesar salads!


My good friend Julia over at The Roasted Root has just written an entire cookbook dedicated to kale recipes! She is awesome. I created this recipe for kale caesar salad to honor Julia and her new cookbook.  You can find my recipe for this tasty salad over at The Roasted Root today. Happy Friday everyone.

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7 thoughts on “Kale Caesar Salad with Garlicky Chickpea Croutons

  1. Julia says:

    Thanks so much for coming over today! I LOVE this Cesar salad and can’t wait to try that vegan dressing! You’re doing a wonderful job educating the world about kale – when it goes “out of style” folks need to realize they don’t need to kick the kale habit…they should just KEEP ON EATING, and realize a healthy food is a healthy food! Keep it comin, sister!

  2. If I could only eat one green forever, I’d pick kale too. I can’t get enough. And I’m all for anything with the word garlicky in it.

  3. Keep the kale recipes comin’! Love that you did a kale recipe for Julia 🙂 Have a great weekend lady!

  4. Love that you keep touting this amazing green- I love it in salads and I need this Caesar in my life!

  5. Joanne says:

    I doubt I will EVER be over kale, so I’m so excited about all your recipes! Heading over to Julia’s to see this fabulous salad!

    1. Andrea says:

      Glad to know you will not get over kale either! That makes two of us at least 🙂

  6. Made this for dinner last night and it is phenomenal! It was my first time trying a vegan caesar and we were super impressed with how, well, caesary it tasted! Nate wants to make it next time we have people over to impress them with how good vegan food is. Needless to say we enjoyed it a lot! Thanks for the recipe 🙂

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