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Fridays At The Farm

December 11, 2015

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Rain, high winds and more rain. We’ve gotten over 10 inches of rain in the past 5 days and have lost our electricity twice. It’s been pretty mesmerizing to sit at the window for a few hours and stare out at the storm. Luckily, we we’re prepared for being cooped up at the farm and stocked up on our favorite local wine (Analemma) just in time for a power outage! We’ve spent many evenings playing endless rounds of Backgammon and cooking up a storm. Taylor is being a great taste tester for recipes I’m working on and it’s been fun whipping up new creations in the Tumbleweed kitchen.

The rain put a damper on operation deer fence for a few days so we took advantage of not working in the fields and spent long mornings drinking homemade lattes (these cardamom ones are my go-to at the moment) while eating buttermilk biscuits and listening to season two of Serial! For those Serial fans out there doesn’t it feel like Christmas came early this year?!? Just the sound of the theme music gives me goosebumps and Sarah Koenig’s voice is pretty darn soothing after months of not listening to her. We’re already hooked on the new storyline and if you’re in need of a new podcast check out Serial.

Luckily the skies cleared for a few hours today and Taylor was able to dig a couple of holes for the fence posts. He took 5 trips to the local hardware store to pick up the wood posts and it feels great to start the process. Deer be damned!!!

This weekend I hope you all get to enjoy a few extra moments in the morning for coffee and biscuits and evenings spent with a good dinner date and plenty of tasty wine. Cheers from Tumbleweed!

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5 thoughts on “Fridays At The Farm

  1. Jean Husson says:

    We have had news of your rotten (read scary) weather. Glad to know you are safe and getting on. The biscuits are real tempters. They sound really different in a yummy way. Thanks for the idea.

  2. Lauren C says:

    Looks like you are enjoying the “off season”! Hope the rain is subsiding and you can get that fence built… and then return to your coffee, wine, podcasts, cooking, and quality time 🙂

  3. Gabe C says:

    I love Serial! But why is it Sara Koenig this year, I thought they were doing a new one? I don’t get it

    1. Andrea says:

      Sarah is the host of the show. And yes, they are doing a new one—it’s a completely different story. I hope you give it a listen.

      1. Gabe C says:

        I read it is about a military pow. I don’t like military, and was imprisoned once. Will not listen this time , sorry Sara.

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