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July 7, 2016

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It’s full blow summer here at Tumbleweed Farm! The harvest list is changing by the week and our CSA members and farmers market customers are definitely experiencing Tumbleweed Farm produce at its best! I’m not going to lie though…we are feeling a lot of pressure around here. There is a constant sense of urgency and not nearly enough hours of daylight to stay on top of chores. The farm has a strong hold on us and the steady stream of things that need to get done is endless. We’ve tilled under more crops than I’d like to admit this season due to weed pressure, irrigation issues and poor germination. Sometimes we’ll have to make a last minute call–what are we going to let die and what are we going to bust our asses to save. It’s in these stressful times that I am so thankful to be farming side by side with Taylor. During the most hectic and trying times we really do make a good team. Some of the toughest decisions are made without arguments and we both trust one another’s opinions and judgment. Our bodies are both beat up, our brains are toast, and through it all, we somehow haven’t killed each other. True love!

This past week we finally completed our largest garlic harvest to date. The garlic is HUGE and more abundant than in years past. We are incredibly proud and are letting it cure in the barn. We harvested plenty of fresh garlic to sell at the farmers market and also added it to our CSA boxes. But we are getting pretty excited for the cured garlic to start making a regular appearance at the markets and in our members weekly shares. It’s so damn good this year!

This week was also a big week on a totally separate note–Taylor and I were featured in the July/August issue of Eating Well Magazine (pinch me!!). I created 5 recipes straight from Tumbleweed Farm for the magazine and I’m so stoked to see it in print! The article is pretty sweet and gives you a little background on how we got started in farming. The magazine is sold nationwide so pick up a copy today!

Also–apologies on some technical issues with the website. For folks who subscribe to the newsletter it seems as though it hasn’t been sent out since June 24th. That means you are about 6 posts behind! Things should be fixed now but I’d go back and take a look at recipes from the past few weeks–there’s some gems in there!

For folks who live in the area we will be at the Hood River Farmers Market on Saturday from 9-1pm. It’s in the Full Sail Brewing parking lot so you can grab a beer and your weekly groceries at the same time–win win!

I hope wherever this post finds you that you are enjoying all the bounty that the summer brings,

Cheers from Tumbleweed Farm!

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2 thoughts on “The Farm Diaries

  1. Congrats on the Eating Well article! So many good things have come your way!

    I’ve been following you for years (since you were Farmer in the Dell – we were living in Vermont at the time and I read your blog for homesteading inspiration), and all of your hard work seems to be paying off! I’m really happy for you and Taylor. 🙂

  2. Heidi says:

    Going to buy eating well magazine right now!

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