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The Farm Diaries–Special Edition

July 27, 2017

(Photo credit Kate Schwager)

This farm diaries post is a little different and pretty darn exciting. It’s a post that highlights an event that I was honored to put on with a wonderful local chef and a badass crew of people who helped create a magical night. I’ll preface this by saying that as Dishing up the Dirt has grown over the years, I’ve been really hesitant, and honestly too busy on the farm to put much energy toward partnerships. Anything you’ve seen on the blog has been based on the real deal. When I talk about a brand I love—be it wine from a can, my trusty pocket knife, miso paste, or my favorite tahini company—you get the idea—these are authentic endorsements that make my life better and if they can enhance yours too, then awesome!

When Subaru reached out to me several months ago it was the first time I was truly excited to think about a brand collaboration and I was honored they thought of me. I come from a long line of Subaru drivers. Taylor and I have driven Subaru’s on and off since we met 13 years ago. Heck—we’ve driven a Subaru across the country more times than we can count. We’ve slept in the back of our old 2006 Outback (with Henry of course) in some of the most beautiful places– under the Montana sky, the Utah dessert and the Wallowa Mountains. We’ve also spent our fair share of time sleeping in some not so glamorous places– multiple Walmart parking lots across the country with all of our belongings as we moved from one coast to the other. But no matter where we were our Subaru always felt like a safe home and reliably got us from point A to point B. And it was this natural alignment that had Subaru reaching out to me in the first place—they are after authenticity too.

(Photo credit Kate Schwager)

Through our conversations, we built a vision to create a memorable dinner where people truly got to experience farm-to-table. Subaru brought together a team that includes some of brightest talent in our local food scene to make it all happen. Along with Ashley Marti of Local Haven (who’s not only my dear friend but she also helped stylize my cookbook) and Joshua McFadden of Ava Gene’s and Tusk (and fellow cookbook author of the incredible Six Seasons of Vegetables)—we dreamt up a day of sourcing all the goods from some of our favorite purveyors and built a menu that showcased recipes from both Joshua’s and my cookbooks celebrating all that Oregon has to offer this time of the year–which is a LOT!

This was a 2-day endeavor that started bright and early at Tumbleweed Farm. The team caravanned out to Parkdale where we spent the day in the fields, gathering veggies and talking about the incredible menu we were creating with what was available. It’s not every day that  I get to chat with someone who’s as into vegetables as Taylor and I are—but Joshua’s love and appreciation for them was really awesome to experience.  He spent several years working on a farm in Maine and we had fun talking “shop” and harvesting veggies together. Throughout the morning I had to keep pinching myself that this was real. Joshua is the first chef to come out to the farm and get his hands dirty with us.

(Photo credit Jules Davies, courtesy of Subaru of America, Inc.)

(Photo credit Jules Davies, courtesy of Subaru of America, Inc.)

(Photo credit Jules Davies, courtesy of Subaru of America, Inc.)

(Photo credit Jules Davies, courtesy of Subaru of America, Inc.)

(photo credit Jules Davies, courtesy of Subaru of America, Inc)

After harvesting veggies all morning, the gang hopped in our Subaru’s (hello A/C that works and comfortable seats!) and headed for Portland.  Stumptown Coffee was in order after our early morning and we buzzed off our cold brews as we headed to the ultimate foodie market, Providore where we lunched and shopped. It was then off to Ken’s Artisan Bakery where we loaded up on baguettes  (and a canale or two…because it’s Ken’s and that is what you do!) We ended the day at Fieldworks where we gathered the most gorgeous of flowers for the dinner table.

Seriously, spending  a day off the farm with a crew of like minded foodie folks and growers was just what this farm girl needed.

(Photo credit Jules Davies, courtesy of Subaru of America, Inc.)

(Photo credit Jules Davies, courtesy of Subaru of America, Inc.)

(Photo credit Jules Davies, courtesy of Subaru of America, Inc.)

(Photo credit Jules Davies, courtesy of Subaru of America, Inc.)

By days end our trunks were loaded and we were ready to bring our vision to life out at Croft Farm on Sauvie Island.  Taylor and I scrubbed the dirt from under our nails, got dressed up in our fanciest “non farm” clothes (I’ve got photos to prove it!) and got to celebrate a dinner menu that I am proud to have collaborated on with some of  best folks around. Stay tuned for a full recap of what this dinner entailed, from the killer menu to the bee hive tutorial to the wonderful company…it was a night to remember indeed.


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13 thoughts on “The Farm Diaries–Special Edition

  1. Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says:

    I love these daily recounts of your everyday! It’s so different from how I live, in a tiny cramped city!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Emily L says:

    What an awesome experience! I can’t wait to see and hear more!

  3. Maureen Rice says:

    can’t wait to see the photos

  4. Sally says:

    Glad you had a fun time, looking forward to the night’s pix! I’ve always had Subis too. Once an all wheel driver, always an AWD.

  5. Susan says:

    Congrats to you, from a fellow Subaru lover!

  6. Shannon Shinn says:

    I’m so incredibly happy for your success!! I love watching someone take what they love and build a world out of it. You are more than on your way of doing that! Well done.

  7. Renee N says:

    Sounds like a perfect day! Looking forward to the event photos.

  8. Maryann says:

    Looking forward to the recap! Tumbleweed Farm and Subaru sound like a terrific pairing. From what you wrote and the photos I see, I think you are going to sell a lot of cars for them. Kudos to whoever came up with this ad campaign – they deserve a nice bonus.

  9. Heidi Running Knodell says:

    So happy for you and I feel so honored that I got to help with your yummy cookies.

    1. Andrea says:

      Heidi! We couldn’t have done this with out you!! Thanks for all of your help. The cookies turned out beautifully! xoxo

  10. Judith says:

    Nice! I am jealous of that dinner!

  11. Jewel McKenzie says:

    “What goes around comes around”…… you’re getting back what you continue to invest in your bright future! Can’t wait to hear more

  12. Carol Kapteyn says:

    WOW! You are the perfect Subaru spokespeople!!! I KNEW they were smart. (Oh! and we drive one too!) It’s perfect and wonderful to watch you grow and evolve with all of your hard work and wonderful friends. So happy to be able to follow.

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