spiced apple cider champagne cocktails


Happy Halloween everyone. I hope you have grand plans that include delicious cocktails and hopefully a few sweets thrown into the mix! If you don’t have grand plans and just decided to stay home and watch reruns of The Voice I won’t judge you! We celebrated the day by building a small greenhouse. A bigger greenhouse is around the corner but for now this little guy kept us busy!


We celebrated the completion of our small greenhouse with a few festive cocktails.


I am a HUGE fan of champagne cocktails. Any chance we have an excuse to celebrate an occasion I always run to the store for some bubbly.

One of my girlfriends was at the liquor store the other day and informed me that Jack Daniels has a festive Tennessee Cider.  I couldn’t help but think how lovely this would taste with a little champagne and a splash of some local fresh apple cider.


I am begging you to run to your nearest liquor store and purchase a bottle of this! It tasted so delicious in this simple and festive cocktail. We are hooked!


I invite you to pour yourself a cocktails and watch a few episodes of The Voice (no judgment here!) Happy Halloween everyone!

Spiced Apple Cider Champagne Cocktails


A lovely and festive cocktail that is easy to prepare
    5 mins.
    0 mins
  • 2 ounces Tennessee Cider (you can sub apple brandy if you cannot find Tennessee Cider)
  • 2 ounce fresh apple cider
  • 3-4 ounces chilled champagne

Serves 2

  1. Pour the Tennessee Cider into the bottom of each glass. Add the champagne and top with a splash of the fresh apple cider.
  2. Enjoy!
Use this recipe as a guide and adjust measurements and ingredients and necessary.

30 thoughts on “spiced apple cider champagne cocktails

  1. Liz

    Those cocktails look amazing! I will definitely pick up the ingredients so I can try one. Also, I can’t remember if I’ve commented on your blog before, but I’ve been reading it for a while and love all your farm pictures. I’ve made a few of your recipes too and loved them! Thanks for being awesome. :)

  2. DessertForTwo

    You don’t have to tell me twice to buy anything whiskey related!

    This cocktail looks great, as does your greenhouse. You know my skill set is in greenhouses, right? And I totally give this one a stamp of approval! Let me know if you need help with any greenhouse-related stuff :)

    1. Andrea Post author

      Thanks for the thumbs up! We need to get you out here to do some greenhouse seeding with us and drink whiskey cocktails in-between tasks!!!

  3. Erica {Coffee & Quinoa}

    I also love champagne cocktails! Would have never thought to use anything with Jack Daniels on the label with champagne… but I’m so glad YOU thought to! These look so perfect for the chilly gray November weather. Have a great weekend!

    1. Andrea Post author

      It seems totally strange to pair something so elegant like champagne with something so hard core like Jack Daniels! However, this totally works! Try it and report back :)

      1. Tammi Jensen

        A little late to the party…LOL But I am wondering how easy do you think this would be for a crowd to make 30 mins ahead of time, then I am not making 40 cocktails.. And would you know proportions?

        Thank you for your response! Cheers!

        Tammi :)

  4. Julia

    I’ve never had a champagne cocktail and these things definitely do look festive and perfect for fall! How fun is your greenhouse?! I want to camp inside of it! With a batch of these spiced cider champagne cocktails. :)

  5. Kat

    I served these lovely cocktails on Thanksgiving (after finding them & your blog on PIntrest) and they were a big hit! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!

  6. Danielle

    Your recipe looks great! Being from TN, I love all things Jack! My favorite thing to do with this festive whiskey is add some to hot apple cider on those nights when I can’t seem to get warm! It is so good and will warm you up quickly!

  7. A Girl

    Can I make a whole pitcher of this to bring to a dinner party? Or is it better to make each drink individually?

    1. Andrea Post author

      You can make a whole pitcher! Although, I would recommend taste testing after you’ve got everything in the pitcher to make sure the ratios are correct. Cheers!


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